School Programme 1

Ages 4–6

School Programme 1 for ages 4-6 (Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Primary)
Kiki the canary only knows his cage and the old lady who feeds him. When at last the door of the cage stays open, he escapes and discovers the big outside. Finally, being a free bird, it’s scary.
● Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville ● 6' ● France
Every day, each and every one of us produces garbage: at work, at school, at home, on a walk. Everywhere. The short film describes the journey of trash on the planet. The ending of the film leaves open the question: what is the final destination of garbage?
● Lev Voloshin ● 2' ● Slovenia
A featherless nightingale sings in the forest. Its song lulls the little bear to sleep, soothes the squirrels' quarrels and entertains the pair of swans swimming on the pond.
● 5' ● Switzerland
Kiko is a nightmare for all the animals. He bullies them all the time, even the smallest mouse can't escape from him! How the animals could stand out and make him understand that they are just like him, capable of emotions, love, and deserve respect?
● Yawen Zheng ● 8' ● France, Switzerland
Dédalia is a spider. Close to the death, she asks herself : would she have moved to New York with her best friend, if she wasn’t so afraid of humans?
● Hélène Ducrocq ● 9' ● France
Friendship knows no distance even if it means being light-years away, as two stars in the vast universe realize.
● Jihyeon Bae ● 6' ● USA
A brother and sister walk along, each carrying a tree in a small pot. When they come across a parrot and a fallen statue, they each have to choose their own journey.
● Emmanuel Ollivier ● 4' ● France
A little boy tries to manage the conflicting emotions caused by the birth of his little brother.
● Roberto Valle ● 10' ● Spain
A wolf pup has gotten lost from its nest. Frightened and alone, it seeks refuge in a garden, and some children decide to help it find it’s way home.
● Hélène Ducrocq ● 10’ ● France
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