Short animated cartoons with four-legged heroes for children aged 6 years and above, without dialogue or dubbed in Greek.
● 67'
Short animated cartoons about fantasy worlds for children aged 6 and up, with live dubbing in Greek.
● 69'
Presentation of short films from the "Inclusion in Action" program implemented by the Athens International Children's Film Festival in both general and special education schools with the aim of promoting a culture of inclusion within the classroom.
● 45'
The coming of age story of a young beluga named Katak. While his peers have all turned white, something expected at their age, Katak is late in his body development. To prove that he has grown up and to grant the last wish of his adored grandma, Katak departs on a perilous journey to the Great North. Along the way he encounters deadly beasts and makes unlikely friends. You do not have to be big to be brave.
● Christine Dallaire-Dupont, Nicola Lemay ● 79' ● Canada
Ernest and Celestine are traveling back to Ernest’s country, Gibberitia, to fix his broken violin. This exotic land is home to the best musicians on earth and music constantly fills the air with joy. However, upon arriving, our two heroes discover that all forms of music have been banned there for many years - and for them, a life without music is unthinkable. Along with their friends and a mysterious masked outlaw, Ernest and Celestine must try their best to bring music and happiness back to the land of bears.
● Jean-Christophe Roger & Julien Chheng ● 80' ● France, Luxembourg
One day Giù fell and got all dirty. His cousin Giuali showed him how to not despair, teaching him that even the dog with the most fleas has something good to say.
● Michela Anedda ● 3’ ● Italy
A boy got a blue teddy bear for his fifth birthday. Although he desperately wanted to open the gift, his mom wouldn't let him because dust and bacteria often live on plush toys. The boy longed to unwrap the teddy bear, imagining playing with it. But one day his younger cousin visited him and took his teddy away. The boy experienced a disappointment that he will remember for a long time. When he grew up and became a dad, he decided to do everything to make his son’s dreams come true.
● Marina Andree Škop ● 10΄ ● Croatia
An extremely untalented bunny Darko takes singing lessons from Zvonko the cricket.
● Ana Horvat ● 11΄ ● Croatia
On a faraway planet, Janet and Bill meet in the Wurpular Wood and fall in love. Their families, The Smeds, and The Smoos cannot accept the match after generations of division. But when the two run away to elope, the warring families have no choice but to overcome their differences and work together to find the young Smoo, and the young Smed.
● Daniel Snaddon, Samantha Cutler ● 27΄ ● UK
It’s time to say good night. Ever so gently, the bears lift their children onto a fluffy bed of clouds. But there is still so much left to explore!
● Māra Liniņa ● 5΄ ● Latvia
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