Fluffy friends

8 short films for ages 6+ with a total duration of 50'

The power of imagination

9 short films for ages 6+ with a total duration of 55'

Five strangers are stuck in deep boredom. Their imagination is the only thing that remains to try and get out of it.
● Collective ● 5' ● France
A friendship develops between a little girl who has nightmares and a cute monster who eats only happy dreams.
● Jo Min-jeong ● 11' ● South Korea
An octopus that is obsessed with cleanliness realizes that even if you have so many hands, you can not achieve everything.
● Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk ● 2' ● Netherlands
Fikos is trying to cross the city on his wheelchair, but he constantly encounters obstacles that he can overcome only through imagination.
● Eleni Lazaridi ● 3' ● Greece
Kiko is a nightmare for all the animals. He bullies them all the time, even the smallest mouse can't escape from him! How the animals could stand out and make him understand that they are just like him, capable of emotions, love, and deserve respect?
● Yawen Zheng ● 8' ● France, Switzerland
A brother and sister walk along, each carrying a tree in a small pot. When they come across a parrot and a fallen statue, they each have to choose their own journey.
● Emmanuel Ollivier ● 4' ● France
Mike, Bob and Frank land on Earth for a scientific expedition. A routine mission for these aliens, but this time, everything won't go as planned...
● Marc Antoine Alonso, Lauriane Balestrat, Elie Berthoumieu, Alexis Sabalza, Lucas Soupou ● 6' ● France
A pupil turns up to his new class for the first time. This pupil however is different to the others, he’s a frog in a class of rabbits.
● Eric Montchaud ● 12’ ● France
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