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It's 10:47 pm on a bus somewhere in a city…
● Michael Karrer ● 10' ● Switzerland
There is a strong connection between parents and their child. A young woman leaves the parental home to see the world.
● Dina Velikovskaya ● 8’ ● Germany/Russia
The little fox Hugo has a happy family, but it’s a bit unusual - his parents are geese.
● Maria Schmidt ● 7' ● Germany
For one day, a father exchanges his role with his daughter.
● Cédrick Spinassou ● 4’ ● France
A little girl really wants a dog. Her father gives her one chance to get it. Will she succeed?
● Teppo Airaksinen ● 12’ ● Finland
A bullied 12-year-old boy bonds over soccer with a 11-year-old Syrian refugee.
● Sarah Winkenstette ● 88’ ● Germany
More than a million children have sought refuge in Europe, many of them completely alone. A whole generation that has fled the war and now, instead of being children, have to face bureaucracy, distrust, waiting, frustration, incomprehension and fear.
● Silvia Venegas ● 15' ● Spain
Should you hide your pain and withdraw into one’s own world? Or is forgiveness and understanding the answer? At her father's deathbed, a woman recalls her difficult relationship with him.
● Daria Kashcheeva ● 14' ● Czech Republic
The desire for possessions casts a mysterious shadow on the simple life of Diego, a boy who lives in an unfurnished hut with his father. One day he comes across a wooden chair in the forest, and the proportions of life begin to sway.
● Carlos Felipe Montoya ● 12' ● Colombia
For these twin boys, a little sibling rivalry is an everyday occurrence. They're fighting with all they've got... and even in dreams, the battle rages on.
● Makiko Nanke ● 5’ ● Japan
Sprout always compares herself to her friend who grows much faster than her.
● Febby Yauwanita ● 3’ ● Singapore
A little boy tries to correct a bad habit that his grandmother took at the table.
● Florent Hill ● 4’ ● France
Big city is full of cars and hurrying people. Nobody cares about a stray dog. But what a luck! There is a kindly soul among this general indifference.
● Svetlana Andrianova ● 4’ ● Russia
Two children brave Serbian snipers to collect snow for water during the Siege of Sarajevo in 1994.
● Christopher Villiers ● 15' ● Βosnia-Herzegovina
Emmanuelle is training on her stationary bike but she can’t get her mind off the image of Laura. The more she pedals, the more her memories turn to desire.
● Gabrielle Demers ● 10' ● Canada
Today Tony will audition for acting school. Stephen, his best friend and scene partner, never shows up. Failing to get another volunteer, Tony decides to cut all ties with the traitor…
● Antoine Girogini ● 19' ● France
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