Amazing animated short stories for children aged 2 and up, without dialogue.
● 55'
Children are tired of the heat so the bear takes them to the sea. Where they learn to respect nature and experience empathy.
● Maja Garmulewicz ● 3’ ● Poland
Rainboy isn't a common gardener. He plants drops and grows clouds. While working he injures the vain sun. Revenge! The prognosis for the boy is bleak, but together with the rain clouds he manages to brighten her spirits again. A short film about stormy conflicts.
● Barbara Brunner ● 5’ ● Switzerland
The tiger is supposed to perform a daring circus trick but he’s too scared to go through with it.
● Julia Ocker ● 4’ ● Germany
Ella and her best friend Spider love using their imagination to make spider web drawings together. But creative cooperation doesn’t always come easy…
● An Vrombaut ● 7’ ● Belgium
A little bear feeling lonely in a forest, communicates with the Ursa Major's constellation. When suddenly a star falls from the constellation, he decides to bring it back to her.
● Leonis Levy, Laura Al Bayati, Morgane Michele, Sara Briand, Sélène Bentz, Alice Hobadam, Fanny Martin ● 6’ ● France
The squirrel mother is busy gathering nuts, so she doesn’t have any time to look after her kids.
● Julia Ocker ● 3' ● Germany
A hungry fox fights for the last berry on top of the tree.
● Alexandra Allen ● 6’ ● Portugal
Sadly, the T-Rex is very bad at playing basketball.
● Julia Ocker ● 4' ● Germany
Unfamiliar with the puppy that has just moved into the neighborhood, the kitten is hesitant to play with their new neighbor. When the kitten finally approaches the reserved puppy, the pair embark on a colorful imaginary journey, which unfortunately ends in conflict. Undeterred, the kitten fixes their broken toys, showing their new friend a creative way to share and play together.
● Yewon Lee ● 4' ● Republic of Korea
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