The cat has an especially delicious recipe: Mouse Soup!
● Julia Ocker ● 4' ● Germany
When sleep catches up with you.
● Rich Webber ● 2' ● UK
Jules & Juliette go to the beach. They carry the dinghy on their heads with which they intend to sail. It's already quite a deal! Of course, Jules is clumsy and doesn't fail to play the fool. The beach is deserted. It's going to be a bright day full of laughter and connivance.
● Chantal Peten ● 7’ ● Belgium
Sasha struggles at home. Her parents expect her to tidy up her room, eat porridge and do homework.
● Evgenia Golubeva ● 6' ● Russia
Once on a hot summer day, animals were bored...
● Elena Kurkova ● 3’ ● Russia
A girl goes for a ramble in the neighbourhood. She knows a lot about this town, and yet there's a lot that she doesn't know.
● Eri Sasaki ● 4’ ● Japan
A bird that keeps order in the sky accidentally drops a star during cleaning. And on the earth, children find her. 
● Anna Kuzina ● 3’ ● Russia
Skipper's Jam follows the story of a crazy little creature named Skipper; who dreams of making music, but is crewing on a ship full of pirates who just don't get it.
● Tim Scott ● 3’ ● USA
It is springtime and The Little Bird is taking care of the first leaves on the tree, but a fox is in pursuit.
● Lena von Döhren ● 5’ ● Switzerland
A lonely dog falls in love for a female dog sitting on her balcony at the very end of the garden. Determined and charmed, he needs to do everything possible to reach and seduce her.
● Flore Burban, Logan Cameron, Nicolas Diaz, Chloé Raimondo, Hugues Valin ● 6' ● France
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