A short from plasticine about the importance sharing.
● Rich Webber ● 2' ● UK
Two wizard friends bump and cruise through a fantastical land. A story about inexhaustible optimism in a world full of weird, fun guys.
● Megan McShane & Matthew Yang ● 2' ● USA
After living a peaceful life on his small planet, the lonely Nono must deal with the visit of a new being, that will make him realize that after all they are not as different as they seem.
● Belinda Bonan ● 6' ● Spain
A tropical heat threatens the Zinzini forest, where a fly frantically seeks refuge in the shade of one of its many plants. As soon as she feels a little comfortable, a hand is about to melt her.
● Cloé Besnard ● 3' ● France
A desperate pickpocket tries to steal from a Magician, only to get sucked into the magical world within the Magician's pocket...
● Mengyuan Cherry Guo ● 3' ● USA
Two crazy pirates have set sail for an island and a lost treasure.
● Collective ● 3' ● France
Ollie, the little blue owl, and his friends try to catch the rainbow that appears one day in their park.
● Anton Setola ● 4' ● Ireland, Belgium
Kiki the canary only knows his cage and the old lady who feeds him. When at last the door of the cage stays open, he escapes and discovers the big outside. Finally, being a free bird, it’s scary.
● Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville ● 6' ● France
The story of a tiny monster named Geomdaeng struggling to succeed in checking school attendance.
● JEON Da-young, KIM Min-gyung, HAN Seo-a ● 4' ● South Korea
Amazing animated short stories for children aged 2 and up, without dialogue.
● 44'
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