Jumping! Swimming! Singing! Five little monsters have fun following the signs.
● Philip Watts ● 2' ● Australia
Piggy the piggy discovers the world and we follow him and learn with him about his amazing adventures.
● Jára and Pepa Plachỳ ● 5' ● Czech Republic
The human body is a huge place, mysterious and unpredictable, at least for the microscopic creatures that live inside of it. Join us in this trip to the inside of a dull lady to find out the hilarious and fascinating daily life of this place. Oh! And the reason of sneeze too.
● Pablo Muñoz, Vicente Mallols ● 3' ● Spain
Some birds said that the woods in the night is not a safe place for the little chicks: because there is a monster around! Only a brave bird will find the truth behind the people's chatter
● Francesco Forti ● 4' ● Italy
A fluffy white cat wants nothing more than to find the most comfortable spot in the universe, but little does she know someone else has their eye on it too.
● India Barnardo ● 7' ● UK
When the most beautiful brush in the jar suddenly dries out, he does everything he can to save his beautiful bristles to be able to paint again.
● Quentin Haberham ● 2' ● The Netherlands
In a barren world TamLin of the Little People travels with his herd of splendid smortlybacks in search of greener pastures. They struggle with fear and find themselves stranded on the shore of the ocean. With unlikely help of TamSin a wonderful mermaid and her disrespectful smortlysharks they cross the ocean and find a happy end.
● Ted Sieger ● 8' ● Switzerland
Pongolee ‘Pong’ the Pangolin and her assistant Shelley the snail are back on tour with their circus and will present their newest trick that will blow you away.
● Cleo Parker ● 1' ● UK
A tiny dinosaur dreams she is a scary big dinosaur. When danger strikes, she learns it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Literally.
● Philip Watts ● 8' ● Australia
The avocado is an enthusiastic student who dreams of having his own company. He makes several attempts but is always rejected. When he realizes that the bullies threatening him are also pushing another student, he decides to save him.
● Laura Chavarria ● 4' ● Costa Rica
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