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Special screening for children up to 3 years old without dialogue.
● 35' ● Czech Republic
Amazing animated short stories for children aged 2 and up, without dialogue.
● 44'
Even more amazing animated short stories for children aged 2 and up, without dialogue.
● 45'
Short animated cartoons with four-legged heroes for children aged 6 years and above, without dialogue or dubbed in Greek.
● 55'
Short animated cartoons about fantasy worlds for children aged 6 and up, with live dubbing in Greek.
● 70'
Environmental short films from all over the world with ecological and animal welfare messages, for children aged 9 years and above, with Greek subtitles.
● 75'
A unique look at near and far corners of the planet through 6 short films for children aged 10 and above, with Greek subtitles.
● 80'
A programme of short films selected by children for children aged 10 and over.
● 68'
Junior high school students from all over Greece select and propose the films of the programme.
● 92'
Likes, followers emojis... A mirror into the digital lives of teenagers, its dictates and its price.
● 88'
Can hip hop save lives?In the heart of Paris, a prestigious high school takes an audacious bet: integrate students from working-class districts and make them break the circle of school failure through dance and hip hop.
● Thierry Demaizière, Alban Teurlai ● 115’ ● France
Multi-award winning and topical teen short films by emerging Greek female filmmakers, for viewers aged 15 and above.
● 85'
Turn off the lights, revenge stories, party crasher... Movies that can only be watched in the dark by viewers 15 years and older
● 77'
Two girls waiting to meet friends on Halloween night encounter a stalker only to discover there may be something scarier.
● Eddie Frente ● 6' ● U.S.A.
Beth, an insecure twenty-something, becomes obsessed with an insidious filter, leaving her to question true beauty.
● Nathan Crooker ● 13’ ● U.S.A.
When a group of rowdy teenagers trek into an isolated forest, they discover peaceful mushroom creatures that turn out to be an unexpected force of nature.
● Matthew Luhn, Hjalti Hjalmarsson ● 10’ ● the Netherlands
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