Teenage snapshots through the directorial lens of Greece’s and Cyprus’s most exciting new filmmakers.
● 95'
On the border of Turkey and Iran, 19-year-old Afghan twin sisters Zahra and Fatima lose their family.
● Mijke de Jong ● 80' ● the Netherlands/Greece
Μια παρέα παιδιών, που ζουν στην Ελευσίνα, ταξιδεύει μέσα στην πόλη με πλοηγό την καθημερινότητά τους, μετατρέποντας τη μάθηση, τη φιλία, την αγάπη, την τέχνη και το παιχνίδι σ’ ένα παντοτινό όνειρο.
● Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, Konstantinos Hatzinikolaou ● 15΄ ● Greece
The angry and introverted teenage Lito goes on a summer vacation with her long-absent, patronizing father.
● Ariadni Angeliki Thyfronitou Litou ● 12΄ ● Greece
On the night of their 18th birthday celebration, two best friends are on a mission to lose their virginity. Nothing goes as planned in this virginity odyssey that is transformed into a journey of self-discovery and friendship.
● Dimitris Tsakaleas, Lida Vartzioti ● 16΄ ● Greece
After his bossy stepfather decides to take him on a business trip, 16-year-old Michalis spends his last day in the city hanging out with his friends. It will be a day full of illegalities, music and bold risks.
● Vicky Anastasiadou ● 13΄ ● Greece
14-year-old Leigh, is a talented gymnast, training hard for her first competition despite her lack of confidence, some bitchy fellow gymnasts and little money to pay for her fees. When an older half-brother appears at her house one night, Leigh’s lonely existence is altered. Mistrust gradually transforms into exciting new feelings as Leigh receives the attention she craves. But she is also exposed to the thrill and danger of moped crime.
● Eva Riley ● 84’ ● United Kingdom
Pep, a 13-year-old boy, is head over heels in love with a girl in the village where his grandparents live. That girl’s name is Sara Amat .One summer night, Sara disappears without a trace.
● Laura Jou ● 75΄ ● Spain
Two teenagers completely poles apart but a family secret will soon unite.
● Alexandra Naoum ● 13' ● France
Névine, a secondary school monitor, is fully committed to her somewhat thankless day job, dealing with teachers, administration and students.
● Cecilia de Arce ● 26' ● France
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