After winning her first international title, an 11-year-old gymnast experiences both new pressures and a new degree of self-aware-ness. The more recognition she gets, the more she realizes that the game only has begun.
● Leonardo van Dijl ● 15’ ● Belgium
In a desperate attempt to become accepted and popular, a young woman uses social media to gain popularity, copying the account of another already well known and liked young woman in her school.
● Helge Kallevik ● 6’ ● Norway
A group of girlfriends prepare for the anticipated summer party in a cramped bathroom. Between boy talk and makeup, Mercedes navigates her blossoming attraction for her friend Julia.
● Paloma Lopez ● 6' ● USA
An emotionally charged teen is forced to reconsider her prejudice towards emotion suppressing devices when a bushfire threatens her town.
● Tamara Hardman ● 13’ ● Australia
Lekha Ramaswamy is a high school senior who’s determined to go to prom. She sneaks out and hightails it to a pre-prom party at the home of her crush, Michael.
● Swetha Regunathan ● 11' ● USA
An 18-year-old with 3 million followers on Instagram has cultivated a dual identity: one online and one in real life. A documentary about the identity, acceptance, family and communication with a hero of a Gen Z representative who is at a critical crossroads.
● Ellie Wen, Barna Szász ● 13’ ● USA
The inner trials and revelations of a South London young girl as she wades through the pain of female adolescence, alongside navigating family dynamics and her brother's recuperation from addiction issues.
● Tiggy Bayley, Oscar Downing ● 22' ● UK
Sexual assault is part of everyday life. Zoe and her friends have decided to do something about it. At night they go out to bring women home safely. As the violence escalates, Zoe is getting more and more caught up in it.
● Natascha Zink ● 15’ ● Germany
Over the course of a theatre workshop for youngsters, a teenager finds himself sexually intimate with a slightly older girl. But did he really mean to? Congratulated or blamed for, everyone has a strong reaction.
● Cristina Grosan ● 22' ● Romania, Czech Republic
Multi-award winning and topical teen short films by emerging Greek female filmmakers, for viewers aged 15 and above.
● 85'
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