The inner trials and revelations of a South London young girl as she wades through the pain of female adolescence, alongside navigating family dynamics and her brother's recuperation from addiction issues.
● Tiggy Bayley, Oscar Downing ● 22' ● UK
Sexual assault is part of everyday life. Zoe and her friends have decided to do something about it. At night they go out to bring women home safely. As the violence escalates, Zoe is getting more and more caught up in it.
● Natascha Zink ● 15’ ● Germany
Over the course of a theatre workshop for youngsters, a teenager finds himself sexually intimate with a slightly older girl. But did he really mean to? Congratulated or blamed for, everyone has a strong reaction.
● Cristina Grosan ● 22' ● Romania, Czech Republic
Multi-award winning and topical teen short films by emerging Greek female filmmakers, for viewers aged 15 and above.
● 85'
Turn off the lights, revenge stories, party crasher... Movies that can only be watched in the dark by viewers 15 years and older
● 77'
In a skate park teenage Charis tries desperately to convince his best friend to go talk to his crush, the hottest skater of the park. But Charis crosses the line an puts their friendship at risk.
● Ariadni Aggeliki Thifronitou Litou ● 8’ ● Greece
Two siblings, one spell, wounded landscapes and an inevitable departure. "To Vancouver" is a short chronicle of a disappearing act in the times of the new Depression.
● Artemis Anastasiadou ● 24΄ ● Greece
It is a warm morning in September. A storm is on its way. Anna, 15, skips school to go to the hospital. There, she will confront an experience that will bring about a sudden maturity. Αt the end of the school day, her mother is waiting outside the school gates.
● Sofia Georgovassili ● 14’ ● Greece
Three different characters, caught in a frenetic everyday loop in pursuit of time. Never finding the right moment to eat, cross the street, or go to the toilet. Until time suddenly freezes. A short introspection inspired by pandemic lockdowns.
● Efi Pappa ● 6΄ ● Greece
● Στέλλα Σερέφογλου ● 14’ ● Ελλάδα
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