Jay Jay Patton was only 13 when she designed and built Photo Patch, a mobile app to help kids send photos and letters to parents who are incarcerated.
● Samantha Knowles ● 7' ● USA
Flavie is a daring and opinianated 15-year-old teen who, in order to defend her social and environmental beliefs, is ready to practice civil disobedience even at the risk of facing justice.
● David Sanchez ● 13' ● Canada
Four teenagers from El Puche, a suburb in the Spanish city of Almería, are proud of their Moroccan and Spanish roots. Together they navigate their first experiences in out-of-the neighborhood schools, that evidence their underprivileged environment. However, this does not affect the intensity of their desires and dreams. On Fatima’s eighteenth birthday, the strength of their self- confidence will be put to the test.
● Ian de la Rosa ● 17' ● Spain/USA
It's 10:47 pm on a bus somewhere in a city…
● Michael Karrer ● 10' ● Switzerland
There is a strong connection between parents and their child. A young woman leaves the parental home to see the world.
● Dina Velikovskaya ● 8’ ● Germany/Russia
More than a million children have sought refuge in Europe, many of them completely alone. A whole generation that has fled the war and now, instead of being children, have to face bureaucracy, distrust, waiting, frustration, incomprehension and fear.
● Silvia Venegas ● 15' ● Spain
Should you hide your pain and withdraw into one’s own world? Or is forgiveness and understanding the answer? At her father's deathbed, a woman recalls her difficult relationship with him.
● Daria Kashcheeva ● 14' ● Czech Republic
For the second year running, a group of 6th grade and 1st high school cinephiles took on the role of program curator. The student committee saw, discussed and selected the 5 films of the section, which touch on a wide range of topics from the military to social media.
● 88'
One in a Million tells the story of two girls coming of age. As gymnast and YouTuber Whitney Bjerken from the US struggles with setbacks, she turns to music to express her feelings.
● Joya Thome ● 85΄ ● Germany
Σε αυτή την κινηματογραφική μεταφορά του ομώνυμου μυθιστορήματος που έχει κατακτήσει τις καρδιές των εφήβων στην παγκοσμίως (συμπεριλαμβανομένης και της Ελλάδας), ήρωας είναι ο 15χρονος Άρι, που ζει με περιφρόνηση και φόβο για τους γύρω του. Όλα αλλάζουν όταν γνωρίζει στη δημοτική πισίνα τον Ντάντε.
● Aitch Alberto ● 106' ● USA
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