Mina and her Toy friend are having fun in a sandpit. Suddenly, mud pies are stamped out and the Toy is captured by cycling Totemites!
● Kateřina Karhánková ● 10’ ● Czechia, France
Confessions of a Social Bully is an insightful journey into the mind of a middle school aggressor.
● Lisa Cohen ● 15' ● USA
Mika refuses to let her gender define her in one of the harshest places in the world: the playground.
● Jessica Grace Smith ● 14' ● New Zealand
A little Cambodian girl gets bullied by her richer classmates at school. One day her pet water buffalo, who brings her to school daily, has had enough from all the bullying and storms into the classroom. 
● Olivia Derie ● 4’ ● Belgium
Yves is the sole target of his bullying classmates. His only refuge is in synchronized swimming, which he practices nightly in secret. But when Charlotte, a fellow classmate and member of the team spies him at the pool, he will no longer be able to hide...
● Matthieu Ruyssen ● 22' ● France
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