Lying on the bunk bed in the children’s home, eleven-year-old Lu talks dreamy-eyed about her mother. Karina, she says, is a famous Hollywood actor who smells of oranges, talks to the stars and does her own stunts.
● Zara Dwinger ● 91' ● the Netherlands
Two children brave Serbian snipers to collect snow for water during the Siege of Sarajevo in 1994.
● Christopher Villiers ● 15' ● Βosnia-Herzegovina
Emmanuelle is training on her stationary bike but she can’t get her mind off the image of Laura. The more she pedals, the more her memories turn to desire.
● Gabrielle Demers ● 10' ● Canada
Today Tony will audition for acting school. Stephen, his best friend and scene partner, never shows up. Failing to get another volunteer, Tony decides to cut all ties with the traitor…
● Antoine Girogini ● 19' ● France
The girl has lived in a gray, isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never travelled anywhere, but all her life she has been dreaming of leaving forever for a perfect world called Abroad.
● Ana Nedeljkovic, Νikola Μajdak Jr. ● 10' ● Serbia/Slovakia
Dilili's curiosity, a little Kanak girl, leads her on a true adventure through the cultural history of France, but also on a fearless quest to investigate the mysterious kidnappings of little girls. She rides through the city and through the times of this golden era, and on her way she meets the most prestigious historical figures of our time such as artists, inventors and scientists.
● Michel Ocelot ● 95' ● France
11-year-old Silvia decides to fulfill her dream of visiting Rome by running away from home.
● Sandra Vannucchi ● 78' ● Italy
Cansu is a 13 year old girl living in Brussels. She dreams of becoming a rapper, but doesn’t believe that she could ever become a star.
● Frederike Migom ● 16' ● Belgium
Te and Mi. Two best friends who usually speak Catalan, but also use English, Chinese, Spanish… who needs words anyway?
● Lope Serrano ● 8’ ● Spain
When a professional female boxer is injured on the ring and begins a difficult recovery, her daughter Luna makes it her mission to believe in her mother, even when she is unable to do it for herself.
● Andreas Bøggild Monie ● 22' ● Denmark
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