Jay Jay Patton was only 13 when she designed and built Photo Patch, a mobile app to help kids send photos and letters to parents who are incarcerated.
● Samantha Knowles ● 7' ● USA
Flavie is a daring and opinianated 15-year-old teen who, in order to defend her social and environmental beliefs, is ready to practice civil disobedience even at the risk of facing justice.
● David Sanchez ● 13' ● Canada
Four teenagers from El Puche, a suburb in the Spanish city of Almería, are proud of their Moroccan and Spanish roots. Together they navigate their first experiences in out-of-the neighborhood schools, that evidence their underprivileged environment. However, this does not affect the intensity of their desires and dreams. On Fatima’s eighteenth birthday, the strength of their self- confidence will be put to the test.
● Ian de la Rosa ● 17' ● Spain/USA
A young boy has to travel across the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, to conduct a very important transaction. But the journey will be arduous.
● Kevork Aslanyan ● 11' ● Bulgaria
An old man drives away with a little girl: it’s just the beginning of a story that touches the deepest sensibility and pushes ourselves to look inside us.
● Valerio Gnesini ● 10' ● Italy
This bystander story is told through the perspective of a 15-year old girl, Raquelle, who witnesses her classmate Noah being bullied. When doing the right thing transforms Raquelle from bystander to victim, she finds herself trapped in the same emotional quicksand of her peers.
● Ryan Cannon ● 9' ● USA
A young shipwreck arrives unconscious to an apparently paradisiacal desert island. After waking up she explores the island and discovers that it is a landfill.
● Edu Glez ● 8’ ● Spain
Max cannot go to the sea with his mother and sister, because he has to do homework. Then Max sees that the shadow of a phone charger looks like a little man. He draws eyes and a mouth. To his surprise, the little man comes to life!
● Vincent Bal ● 10' ● The Neatherlands
GroM wakes up one morning to find that his mouth is stuck in a sour face. He, who wants to be happy and smile! His friend LobO comes visiting and together they embark on a journey to find a GroM’s smile. 
● Jonas Forsman ● 6' ● Sweden
Η ιστορία δύο εξωτικών πουλιών, ενός από το δάσος και ενός από το ανθοπωλείο της γειτονιάς. Οι δύο τους θα ταξιδέψουν μακριά για να βρουν τον τόπο όπου ανήκουν.
● Miyoung Baek ● 10' ● South Korea
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