School Programme 3

Ages 10–12

School Programme 3 for ages 10-12 (5th, 6th Primary, 1st Secondary)
Ten-year-old Gabriel loves to sing and has one desire: to sing in the local choir. The group rides kicksleds through the snowy landscape of Northern Norway and is known for their kindness and charity towards the village refugees.
● Torfinn Iversen ● 18’ ● Norway
Charlie fights the feeling of being different from the other kids by doing the things he loves -surfing and dancing.
● Pia Strømme ● 15' ● Norway
It is spring and grandma Margara teaches her four grandchildren how to plant in little flowerpots. Three of them decide to fly away from the family patio they live in and go out to discover the world.
● Alicia Nunez Puerto ● 11’ ● Spain
An 11-year-old girl must stand up to her bullies, the rest of the girls in her village, and honor her old-fashioned grandfather by holding her ground. A film about courage and loneliness.
● Vigdis Nielsen ● 17’ ● Norway
In our time of uncertainty and anxiety, a teenage boy comes face to face with his fears and worries. Can he open his heart out to his classmates? Will they ignore him, help him or make fun of him?
● Ruth Beni, Daniel Greaves ● 8’ ● UK
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