Tales from the multiverse

6 short films for ages 11+ with a total duration of 65 '

Children on a mission

6 short films for ages 11+ with a total duration of 80 '

While 12-year-old Jackie is wandering around the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Oopjen Coppit, from Rembrandt's famous painting, suddenly appears in front of her looking for her long-lost sister.
● Annemarie van de Mond ● 90' ● Netherlands
“Yaren and the Sun” is a short documentary about grief, healing and friendship. Four years ago ten year old Yaren lost her mother. This summer she nervously leaves for a special kind of camp: a grieving camp. Here, all the kids have lost someone close to them. In five beautiful, intense days Yaren and the other kids at camp bond over that one thing they all have in common: their grief.
● Joren Slaets, Renate Raman ● 19' ● Belgium
Dinosaurs, meteors, cavemen and the most naughty children in the universe meet in this hilarious animation that presents an alternative comic version of the creation of our world.
● Magnus Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith ● 7' ● France


A resilient mother races to teach her daughter all that she knows to weather the effects of climate change.
● Andy Alvarez ● 14’ ● Canada
It is spring and grandma Margara teaches her four grandchildren how to plant in little flowerpots. Three of them decide to fly away from the family patio they live in and go out to discover the world. Years pass, grandma gets older and those who left are present, in their own way… but never like the ones that stayed. Distance might not bring a return and people can come back or no. But spring, yes, spring will always come back.
● Alicia Nunez Puerto ● 11’ ● Spain
In a madcap musical, catstronaut Pucha travels the galaxy looking for the meaning of life with the help of her AI spaceship. She lands on Planet 206-B hoping to find the answer there, but first meets a space pup, Blip, who is eager to help but accidentally causes her spaceship to take off and land on the other side of the planet! The duo set off in search of the spaceship, and Blip promises to help find the meaning of life, but Pucha stubbornly resists any sort of help. As Pucha discovers a whole world beyond the closed quarters of her spaceship - meeting creatures with different ideologies from different walks of life - she realises that the answer to the meaning of life might not be as she once thought. Forced to question her ambition, Pucha must change her idea of what the meaning could be.
● Neeraja Raj ● 9' ● UK
Ten-year-old Gabriel loves to sing and has one desire: to sing in the local choir. The group rides kicksleds through the snowy landscape of Northern Norway and is known for their kindness and charity towards the village refugees. But when Gabriel’s father gets into a fight with one of the local refugees, Gabriel’s quest to join The Kicksled Choir becomes challenging.
● Torfinn Iversen ● 18’ ● Norway
Amy playfully takes advantage of her granny's dementia: it makes it easy for her to win at cards or get paid twice for her report. Yet she really loves her grandmother and is happy for her when she falls in love with Rinus. But what will Amy do when that love is forced to move away?
● Lidi Toepoel* ● 14' ● Netherlands
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