"We Are Family" – School Programme 2

Ages 7-9

2nd, 3rd, 4th Primary
A little girl really wants a dog. Her father gives her one chance to get it. Will she succeed?
● Teppo Airaksinen ● 12’ ● Finland
For one day, a father exchanges his role with his daughter.
● Cédrick Spinassou ● 4’ ● France
When an imaginative little girl discovers that her older brother might have superpowers, she sets out on a quest to make sure everyone else sees him as she does.
● Carlos Algara, Catalina Serna ● 10' ● Mexico
The little fox Hugo has a happy family, but it’s a bit unusual - his parents are geese.
● Maria Schmidt ● 7' ● Germany
Matilda wants to be the smartest person in the world, so two heads are better than one!
● Ignas Meilūnas ● 13' ● Lithuania
A brother and sister fight over a fluffy fox. They tear an arm out of the fox body, then the fox awakes and teach them a lesson…
● Sarah Salard ● 2’ ● France
In Moustaco, everyone wears a mustache and females are no exception. Moustine, a 10-year-old girl who doesn't wear one wishes to join the prestigious Moustaco ballet company to become a dancer.
● Justine Goaziou, Samantha Vié ● 14' ● France
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