Nemo looks different. Nobody else wears a diving suit and such a huge helmet. But then he meets Laika, an astronaut.
● Jan Gadermann ● 15' ● Germany
The arrival of a new elephant-headed student in class triggers mockery and sarcasm. One of the students seems captivated and disturbed by this strange child.
● Sonia Gerbeaud ● 7' ● France
Two little girls are playing with a ball. But after a petty quarrel, they get angry with each other and take offence. Their umbrage makes them inflate like balloons, they fly all the way up to the clouds. Girls get stuck up there, with no idea how to get down and save their kitten stuck in the tree.
● Alzbeta Macakova Misejkova ● 8’ ● Czech Republic
Suzie is a little girl who goes with her mother and dad to an allotment outside the city. One day she meets a black dog and discovers a mysterious garden. Who is it that lives there?
● Lucie Sunkova ● 14' ● Czech Republic
Ernest and Celestine are traveling back to Ernest’s country, Gibberitia, to fix his broken violin. This exotic land is home to the best musicians on earth and music constantly fills the air with joy. However, upon arriving, our two heroes discover that all forms of music have been banned there for many years - and for them, a life without music is unthinkable. Along with their friends and a mysterious masked outlaw, Ernest and Celestine must try their best to bring music and happiness back to the land of bears.
● Jean-Christophe Roger & Julien Chheng ● 80' ● France, Luxembourg
A few nigella seeds tucked in the palm of her hand, 6-year-old Dounia leaves Aleppo with the Princess of Aleppo’s help and travels towards a new world.
● Marya Zarif, André Kadi ● 72' ● Canada, France
Giuseppe the little hedgehog comes out of hibernation and finds some snow still on the ground around his home. Thrilled to be able to play in the snow even though it’s almost spring, he asks his dad why snow is white.
● Pascale Hecquet ● 4’ ● France
Justine, 12, firmly believes that she will be happier once her parents are divorced. The catch? They have no plans to do so.
● Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers ● 88' ● Canada
Best friends Dylan and Youssef dream of becoming professional football players.
● Camiel Schouwenaar ● 90' ● Netherlands/Germany
One in a Million tells the story of two girls coming of age. As gymnast and YouTuber Whitney Bjerken from the US struggles with setbacks, she turns to music to express her feelings.
● Joya Thome ● 85΄ ● Germany
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