Malika chases a career in basketball but feels constrained by a lack of financial resources that leads to insecurity about her future.
● Reinout Hellenthal ● 29’ ● the Netherlands
Selena (14) plays football as the only girl on a boys' team. Her teammates see her as one of the boys. When a new girl joins the team, the dynamic in the group begins to change. Selena does everything she can to protect her position within the group.
● Catherina Iosifidis ● 12’ ● the Netherlands
Leyla urgently needs a new laptop for school. When she hears about a weightlifting competition up for grabs, she starts training at her family's farm with her own funds.
● Nursen Çetin Köreken ● 14’ ● Turkey
This short movie shows with an anthropomorphized form final match of the Jumping Championship. He follows the individual candidates until the finale itself, when the unexpected twist happen.
● Lucie Kokoliova ● 4΄ ● Czech Republic
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