Teenage snapshots through the directorial lens of Greece’s and Cyprus’s most exciting new filmmakers.
● 95'
Μια παρέα παιδιών, που ζουν στην Ελευσίνα, ταξιδεύει μέσα στην πόλη με πλοηγό την καθημερινότητά τους, μετατρέποντας τη μάθηση, τη φιλία, την αγάπη, την τέχνη και το παιχνίδι σ’ ένα παντοτινό όνειρο.
● Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, Konstantinos Hatzinikolaou ● 15΄ ● Greece
That summer, Amelia will discover her mother's secret love affair and, refusing to believe what she saw, she will run away from home with Epaminondas, her first love. They will go on an adventure, testing themselves and everyone they meet along the way, ending up as children again in the arms of their parents by the end of the night. That was the summer when Amelia realized that everything comes to an end.
● Angelika Katsa ● 17΄ ● Greece
The angry and introverted teenage Lito goes on a summer vacation with her long-absent, patronizing father.
● Ariadni Angeliki Thyfronitou Litou ● 12΄ ● Greece
After his bossy stepfather decides to take him on a business trip, 16-year-old Michalis spends his last day in the city hanging out with his friends. It will be a day full of illegalities, music and bold risks.
● Vicky Anastasiadou ● 13΄ ● Greece
A musical drama about two young soldiers across enemy lines who fall in love and find escape from their oppressive environments through music.
● Savvas Stavrou ● 22΄ ● Cyprus, UK
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