Meow or Never

Meow or Never

2020 ● Ages 11+

In a madcap musical, catstronaut Pucha travels the galaxy looking for the meaning of life with the help of her AI spaceship. She lands on Planet 206-B hoping to find the answer there, but first meets a space pup, Blip, who is eager to help but accidentally causes her spaceship to take off and land on the other side of the planet! The duo set off in search of the spaceship, and Blip promises to help find the meaning of life, but Pucha stubbornly resists any sort of help. As Pucha discovers a whole world beyond the closed quarters of her spaceship – meeting creatures with different ideologies from different walks of life – she realises that the answer to the meaning of life might not be as she once thought. Forced to question her ambition, Pucha must change her idea of what the meaning could be.

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English with Greek Subtitles
Neeraja Raj
United Kingdom

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