Comedy Queen

Comedy Queen

2022 ● Ages 13+

13-year-old Sasha has decided to become a stand-up comedian. Most of all, she wants to make people laugh and especially her dad, who sometimes cries and there is no one to comfort him. In their house, everything reminds her of her mom who has now passed away. Sasha, however, will not give up. She refuses to stay sad. She decides to compile a survival list. First up: cut off her long hair. Second: don’t read any more books. Third: never take care of something that’s alive. And fourth: become a stand-up comedian to make her papa laugh again. On her way, Sasha can count on the support from friends and family, even if they can’t always follow her moves, like when she tells one of her bad jokes. A sensitive feeling for the emotional life of her protagonist and allows grief and anger to be transformed by real humour, and an old earworm.

Sunday November 20 12:00
Danaos 2
in Swedish with Greek and English subtitles
Sanna Lenken

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