Yuku and the Flower of the Himalayas

Yuku and the Flower of the Himalayas

2022 ● Ages 5+Ηλικίες 5+

On top of the highest mountains on Earth lives a plant that feeds on the most perfect sunlight. It is called… the Himalayan flower. Yuku, a little mouse who lives with his family in the basement of a castle, decides to embark on a daring journey of discovery. Leaving her loved ones behind, she crosses the wolf-guarded bridge to find the flower of eternal light to give to her sick grandmother, who was injured by a cat. Yuku’s journey will be long and full of obstacles, but nothing can stop her as with a little singing and kindness anything is possible. Waiting for her, after all, are the best friends she could ever imagine. A sweetly animated adventure with plenty of music and a lovable central heroine who will delight young viewers with her kindness, wit and, of course, her ukulele talent.

Sunday November 20 11:30
Megaron Athens Concert Hall
in French with live performance in Greek
Arnaud Demuynck, Rémi Durin

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