Architect A

Architect A

2023 ● Ages 13+

Architect A is an architect who builds a house in a very special way. He builds a house that resembles the way that person has lived by collecting materials from the client’s life. However, he gives up on architecture after an unexpected accident. One day, an elderly woman comes to his house and shows out a fish-shaped wind chime, which A and his wife sculpted a long time ago, requesting A to build her own house Architect A hesitates because of his trauma after the unexpected accident, but the fish-shaped wind chime brought back the beautiful memories with his wife and that made him accept the request. In the process of building a house, flashing back an elderly woman’s life, Architect A faces his painful memories, but he finally completes the request and finishes building his own house as well, which has not been completed for a long time due to his trauma.

Korean with greek and english subtitles
Jonghoon Lee
Republic of Korea

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