A few nigella seeds tucked in the palm of her hand, 6-year-old Dounia leaves Aleppo with the Princess of Aleppo’s help and travels towards a new world.
● Marya Zarif, André Kadi ● 72' ● Canada, France
When the ever-optimistic boy Monty causes the school’s computer to crash during a test, he is immediately put in a special-needs class and deemed unlikely to ever succeed. Monty decides to start his own school, a school which accommodates kids with strange brains!
● Anders Morgenthaler, Mikael Wulff ● 84' ● Denmark
Mary is eleven years old and has an insuppressible passion for cooking: she dreams of becoming a great chef. Her grandmother Emer, with whom she has a very special relationship, encourages her to make this dream come true. But every path has its pesky obstacles, and facing them turns into quite an adventure.
● Enzo d’Alò ● 88' ● Luxembourg/Italy/Ireland/United Kingdom/Estonia/Latvia/Germany
This is a story about Paulina P. – a strong, emotional and witty protagonist of this movie and her life in which we follow her adventures in class and at home, as well as all the problems she successfully overcomes during a school year.
● Neven Hitrec ● 96' ● Croatia
Eleven-year-old Tony has a unique feature he was born with - he glows.
● Filip Pošiva ● 82' ● Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic
In one of Bangladesh’s low-lying coastal areas along the Brahmaputra River, a 12-year-old orphan girl named Afrin lives on a flood-ravaged island without electricity. Her relatives want to marry her off, which is illegal though common practice, but Afrin is not like other young girls, she has plans and a mind of her own.
● Angelos Rallis ● 91΄ ● France/Greece
Environmental short films from around the world with ecological and animal-friendly messages.
● 69’
For the second year running, a group of 4th and 5th grade cinephiles took on the role of program curator. The student committee saw, discussed and selected the 6 films of the unit, which touch on a wide range of topics from bullying to nutrition.
● 79'
Justine, 12, firmly believes that she will be happier once her parents are divorced. The catch? They have no plans to do so.
● Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers ● 88' ● Canada
Best friends Dylan and Youssef dream of becoming professional football players.
● Camiel Schouwenaar ● 90' ● Netherlands/Germany
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