This bystander story is told through the perspective of a 15-year old girl, Raquelle, who witnesses her classmate Noah being bullied. When doing the right thing transforms Raquelle from bystander to victim, she finds herself trapped in the same emotional quicksand of her peers.
● Ryan Cannon ● 9’ ● USA
What would you do if you could imagine a place and go there with your magic shoes by clapping twice? In this short stop-motion animation, the main character ends up in a big adventure. One in which social media and the modern travel urge of modern society play the main role. From Venice to Cappadocia, the beautiful settings seem to matter less and less than the amount of likes.
● Leticia van Neerven ● 5’ ● The Netherlands
Nearly seventeen years old, Laetitia navigates between her attachment disorder and her blatant need for love. In a world where image control is absolute, LOVE ME tells the story of the quest for the love with a capital L, through the various forms of self-representation.
● Romane Garant Chartrand ● 23’ ● Canada
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