A great mystery surrounds the death of Alice dos Anjos. Found lifeless in her own home by her sister Sofia, the case remains unresolved. A year after the crime, other youngsters went missing and left behind similar traces to the ones found in Alice´s crime scene.
● Evandro Caixeta, Joao Gilberto ● 15’ ● Brazil
Dar-Dar is a mythical Basque demon that eats fingers. He says: ‘Dar, dar, dar, bring your finger for dinner. If you decline, I will return at night time and your soul will be mine’.
● Paul Urkijo Alijo ● 9' ● Spain
Set against the backdrop of the heart of the Covid19 pandemic in Seattle, Washington, Miss Mary Mack is a spine tingling, thriller/horror film.
● Deborah Lee Smith ● 18’ ● USA
Left home alone, two kids must now deal with an evil force after messing around with the Necronomicon (even though they were specifically asked not to).
● Patrick Meimari ● 6’ ● Canada
Likes, followers emojis... A mirror into the digital lives of teenagers, its dictates and its price.
● 88'
Can hip hop save lives?In the heart of Paris, a prestigious high school takes an audacious bet: integrate students from working-class districts and make them break the circle of school failure through dance and hip hop.
● Thierry Demaizière, Alban Teurlai ● 115’ ● France
Kenza, 15, and her little brother Madhi, 13, regularly humiliate one another on social media. On the bus, Kenza puts her naive and romantic little brother to the test: to profess his love for Jada, the girl that Madhi loves, even though she does not know him.
● Adrien Moyse Dullin ● 15’ ● France
An experimental short about our love-hate relationship with Instagram and our photo-editing mania.
● Céline Ufenast ● 4’ ● UK
Is it okay to bend the rules to help the one you love? Helmer uploads cool videos all the time and gets many followers. But not everything is as it seems. Nora, his girlfriend, is hiding something. Inspired by the play A Doll`s house, we get to see a new take on Henrik Ibsen`s drama as the characters are played by twelve years olds and written to cast light over some of the issues kids struggle with today.
● Ola Martin Fjeld ● 14’ ● Norway
A behind-the-scenes look behind the selfies brings the viewer in the rooms of four 15-year-old girls. Through powerful, observational scenes and intimate conversations, the film raises questions about the normalization of presenting oneself as an object.
● Rosie Morris ● 18’ ● UK
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